Making Contact Easier

As a 14 year old growing up in Southeast Texas, I never imaged that as an adult, I would be invited to businesses and communities around the world to help them be more effective, find solutions and build stronger relationships. But that is exactly what has happened and still happens today. I’ve worked in over 20 countries throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas. I’ve facilitated workshops on a remote island in Japan, led T-Groups in China and India, and facilitated leadership conversations at the most senior levels of American industry. In all of these cases, one need is clear: the need for humans to overcome the built-in challenges of human to human communication.

Every interaction we have with others offers a wealth of possibilities: deep connection leading to emotional fulfillment; generative conversation sparking new ideas; and creation of a positive relationship foundation on which can be built stronger communities. And, every interaction we have with others offers a vast minefield where the communication and relationship possibilities are lost: misunderstandings allowed to fester; lack of follow-up on words from another; misinterpreted behaviors and attitudes that drive individuals apart; and avoidance of one-on-one thought intimacy. Human to human connection can be challenging for some, and easier for others.

As a professional facilitator, I’m focused on making human to human contact easier for everyone. I can’t take away the anxiety, struggle and fear of sharing thoughts, truly listening to the points of view of others and suspending my own judgments to stay open to possibilities. There’s a lot of unknown there for everyone. But I can help everyone in the conversation find their unique voice and have it heard. I can be a mirror showing the group the best of it’s interactions and building on those. I can find the common thread of purpose running through a diverse group. I strive to make contact easier so we can all benefit from the endless possibilities that spark from cooperative communication between people.