Welcome to Rumble

Every accomplishment and lesson, both personal and professional, I’ve experienced in my life has been proceeded by a time of doubt, frustration, exhilaration and exasperation where I have had to climb a mountain to overcome my self-imposed limiting beliefs. I see this same phenomena in my friends, colleagues and clients with whom I have the privilege of sharing deep professional and personal relationships. We talk about these rough spots and try to learn from them as we moving towards some predefined goal. I’ve come to find talking about my rough spots helps me overcome them. I liked talking about these rough spots so much, I decided to give them a name. I started calling these my Rumble moments - a time I’m facing a choice to do something that will move me from where I am to closer to where I want to go, with only myself in the way.

I’m going to share how my point of view on these rumbles of my life shape my work as a professional facilitator, leadership coach and as a friend, family member, partner and dog owner. For the past 20 years, I’ve focused on making choices to build my own capacity to pursue the exact work I wanted to do. I dreamed of leading workshops on human development and potential internationally - and I’ve done it. I hoped to be a member in and leader in a world-wide community of practitioners committed to pursuing the art and science of group process facilitation - and I’m a part of it. I’ve aspired to serve as an evangelist for living every day as the opportunity it is to connect human to human in service of humanity - and I’m doing it right now. Whether I’m leading an innovative leadership development program at a major US based manufacturer (I am) or leading a one day introduction to drum circle facilitation workshop in Seattle (which I am in June), I’m facilitating every group and every conversation with the willingness to encounter, share and learn from all our rumble moments.