Workshop Facilitation

Improving conversation skills to improve relationships requires learning, practicing, reflecting and repeating, by choice, over and over again. Our facilitated workshops get everyone involved in the learning through practice rounds, group discussions and rich, multi-media learning platforms. We customize workshops to your needs - and we always promote and practice our belief in the importance of the conversation

I have been a facilitator of workshops since I was 14 years old. I started leading other teens in workshops sponsored by my church. Before long, I was leading workshops for adults in the church too. That desire to help others reflect and learn about themselves and each other carried over into my professional career. Every week I facilitate a group of senior organizational leaders with the goal of improving their impact as leaders in their organizations, communities and families. 

Workshop Facilitation

The process of growth for everyone is different. Our Leadership Coaching offers individuals at all levels an opportunity to receive one-on-one coaching sessions - always focusing on your needs and always asking how conversation and relationship play into your goals. Our coaching conversations will be the learning laboratory for your practice of your developed conversation and relationship skills.

I am a certified coach, completing my training at the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara. In addition I have a Masters Degree in Applied Behavioral Sciences from Bastyr University. I have fine tuned that training in the past 10 years as a practicing leadership coach, completing over 800 hours of coaching leaders at every level of organizations.  

Leadership Coaching

Rumble Keynotes create the moment every conference leader hopes for: your group connected to each other, the theme of the conference and their own mission. Your attendees are primed and ready to not only broaden their network, but deepen their relationships. The Rumble Keynote is interactive, inspiring, skill-building and fun. 

I have a proven track record of successfully translating this message of conversation and relationship to large scale conference keynotes and presentations. I turn the traditional keynote on it's head by creating an interactive, engaging and intimate feeling kick off or close to any conference event. My ability to help the group see themselves as a community creates an emotional and memorable time for your group.

Keynote Rumbles